Luxeo Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Luxeo Stereo Zoom MicroscopesInnovation in illumination, optical, and mechanical design make Luxeo the premier choice in dissection as well as routine inspection microscopy for those who demand superior value. With a basic two step configuration, a more advanced zoom system, or the versatile digital imaging system, the highly ergonomic Luxeo series comes in configurations adaptable for most applications.  Focusable eyepieces  with high eye-relief and a toggle lock* for selecting diopter  settings promise convenience and comfort. Rigid antiglare retractable eyeguards with antibacterial over mold.  Ergonomic zoom/step and focus control knobs with an antibacterial over-mold.  All metal gear system provides durable yet smooth focus control.  A 10 LED ring light can be controlled in the way of both Intensity and a +/- 30° oblique incidence selection.  A bright yet cool LED base light illuminates translucent media.

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  • LUXEO 4D Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • LUXEO 2S Stereo Microscope[/list]