CxL2 Compound MicroscopeCxL2 Compound Microscope

Adapted for classroom and lab environments, the new CxL2 Compound Microscope reflects a fresh design and delivers a rugged exterior with quality optical and mechanical ingredients for a lifetime of carefree use. This next generation microscope asserts its sophistication not only by design, but also through flawless functionality. In light of the latest in manufacturing technology, the highly modular CxL2 can offer you a high degree of performance for various applications.

And best of all, you won’t need to break the bank to own one! Our LP series objectives enable you to view an assortment of specimens with the highest degree of clarity. CxL’s Semi Plan Achromatic optical system has been designed to provide true color and contrast. With a compact design and robust mechanical stage with fluid X/Y operation, maintenance free operation is a standard. CxL2 offers you flexibility in illumination. You can stay with the standard 20W high efficiency halogen bulb, or you can opt for a Bright LED, providing illumination in a near daylight spectrum.

CxL2 Student Laboratory Compound Microscope

CxL2 Student Compound Microscope

CxL2 Digital Compound Microscope

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