Lx 500 Ergo Compound Microscope

Lx 500 Ergo Compound MicroscopeWhere there is quality, so should there be performance. This philosophy carried through at every critical step of designing Lx 500 Ergo Compound Microscope. With its graceful symmetry and its sophistication in ergonomics, this laboratory microscope speaks to today’s clinicians and researchers looking for the junction of affordable yet reliable functionality. Lx 500 is the outcome of a combination of world-class technology and design innovation. With its feature rich standard configuration and a host of accessories, Lx 500 is a versatile and fully extendable research microscopy system.

Lx 500 is truly where economy meets first class. With 0-25° of arc, our ergonomic tilting viewing body brings the image to you at your idyllic head position. Complimented by color compensated focusable eyepieces, Super Plan objectives and a robust mechanical structure, Lx 500 makes for a clinician’s first choice. All optical surfaces are treated with high efficiency anti-fungus coatings.

With Lx 500’s ceramic stage and dual specimen holder, you can peruse thousands of slides without degradation of the stage’s surface. The rackless stage design is compact and provides ultra-smooth traverse.

MAXlite™ coated Antifungal Infinity corrected optical system.  With its 6V 30W True Köhler illumination system and a rear mounted bulb, Lx 500 provides coolest light and highest contrast. The double layer bulb housing provides lowest heat emission making the system comfortable to use.

Lx500 with Ergo Tilting Body

Lx500 Compound Laboratory Microscope

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