Microscoptics – Your Microscope Sales and Service Specialist

Microscoptics Microscope Sales ServiceMicroscoptics specializes in microscope sales service and consultation.  We learned over ten years ago that it is critical that there be an accredited service provider in Michigan in the Optical Microscopy field.  As an ACLASS accredited provider of microscope calibration services, Microscoptics is recognized foremost for their quality.  All standards used in calibration are NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable.  We began our company with the belief that all we do should exemplify the quality we want from others.   We strive to listen to and give our customers the service they need to make them successful.

Microscoptics is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 – 2005 by Assured Calibration and Laboratory Accreditation Select Services (ACLASS, www.aclasscorp.com) in the calibration field for linear calibration, servicing microscopes, metallographs, optical comparators, and other measuring microscopes.

We are are a fully authorized microscope service and repair facility for Nikon, Inc. in clinical, industrial and research areas.  We are also authorized by Nikon for service and repair in optical measuring and imaging instruments.   And, we have been an alternate repair facility for Carl Zeiss since 1995.

Please feel free to view one of our products, such as the Labomed Lx Series compound microscopes, on our products pages.

Microscoptics has been incorporated since 1992. Over the years we have expanded our business by marketing our microscopes through Cardinal Healthcare (formerly Baxter or Allegiance) Scientific Supply and VWR Scientific Products. Along with our line of microscopes, we have expanded our service department further into the areas of industrial and medical research.

ACLASSMicroscoptics is an ISO/IEC Accredited Lab to Guide 17025-2005 for linear calibration through ACLASS.